Reson no longer make or support Single Beam Echo Sounders


Single/Dual Frequency Echo Sounder.

Teledyne Odom

Interchangeable modules for thermal paper and/or LCD Chart





Many new models

Echo Sounder
200kHz Standard or 40/33kHz option


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Teledyne Odom




Teledyne Odom

Portable shallow water survey echo sounder














Digital Hydrographic Survey system. 200Khz standard.

also 33/200 Khz Transducer can be fitted



Digital Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder Dual Frequency


Digital Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder Dual Frequency

Cee Hydro Systems





Cee Hydro Systems



Cee Hydro Systems





Cee Hydro Systems

Combined GPS, Data Logger and shallow water echo sounder. Chosen by the MoD for it's portable survey system. Rugged and very light weight complete system.

Compact Dual frequency E/S in a water-proof peli box


Latest State of art Technology

Fish Finders

Many choices of Fish Finders that also double as single and dual frequency Echo Sounders for Hydrographic use.


These selection are cheap reliable good value for money for shallow water surveys and pleasure.

Del Norte Portable Survey System

Autonomous Hydrographic Survey system that can be configured to what ever your requirements require.

Del Norte Technology Ltd.

Complete autonomous hydrographic survey system in a waterproof and shockproof case. In it's standard form it contains the CeeducerPro, Rugged PC with HypackMax software.  multiple voltage choices and internal batteries for a minimum of 8 hrs operation.


Digital Black Box

100 series Echo Sounder

Cee Hydro Systems

Low cost single beam echo sounder

Mini Sweep Multi Transducer Mini-Swath system Ross Laboratories Low Cost Swath system running on HySweep

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