Motion Sensors




IMU-106Heave motion sensorSurface Unit.

The IMU-106 is a cost effective heave motion sensor. It is typically used in applications like single beam sonars, crane and winch compensation. The heave performance is equal to the more expensive options from SMC IMU range.
Roll and Pitch motion sensorSurface Unit with 30m Depth rated

The IMU-107 is a high performance roll and pitch motion sensor, with high angle accuracy during accelerations.
IMU-108Roll, Pitch, Heave, Surge, Sway motion sensorSufrace Unit with 30m depth rated.

The IMU-108 is a high performance roll, pitch, heave surge and sway motion sensor, with high angle accuracy during accelerations.


Data Link Modems




EasyData LinkP67 UHF 403-473 Mhzeasy
Easy 867Data LinkIP67 869.400 to 869.650 Mhz867




ADL SentryData Link390-430 Mhz, 430-470 Mhz 1-4 wattssentry
ADL VantageData Link390-430 Mhz, 430-470 Mhz 35 wattsvantage


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