ModelDescriptionManufacturerSelling Points
Digibar ProSound Velocity CalibratorTeledyne OdomCost effective for accurate water column sound velocities.
Strata BoxSub-bottom ProfilerOdecSyQwestLight weight low cost , simple to use sub-bottom profiler
DMS-HHeave SensorTeledyne TSS LtdLow cost heave measurement eliminating errors from single beam echo-sounders
Meridian SurveyorGyro CompassTeledyne TSS LtdWorlds smallest and lightest Gyro Compass
CMSCompact Motion SensorTeledyne TSS LtdEnables survey to IHO standards in all weather conditions
DMSDynamic Motion SensorTeledyne TSS LtdEnables survey to Class 1 IHO standard
730T & 740TSeabed Tide RecorderValeport LtdSeabed mounted tide gauge for collection of tidal data offshore and coastal
650 MK2Sound Velocity ProfilerValeport LtdMost accurate sound velocity profiler in the world
SoundbarDigital Bar CheckerValeport LtdTime of Flight sound velocity profiler for calibration of Echo Sounders
Model SVXtraCombined CTD/Sound Velocity ProfilerValeport LtdSound velocity profiler which also provides Salinity and Density data
Model 710Tide Gauge SystemValeport LtdFrom basic system to multigauge data telemetry networks
SK172Portable WinchValeport LtdLightweight winch
CeetidePortable Tide GaugeBruttourAcoustic surface installed Tide Gauge in a Peli rugged box
SportscanSide-Scan Sonar Single or Dual Freq versionsImagenex IncV Cheap light weight , easy to use on PC
Yellow Fin300 metre version of Sportscan but with 3 frequenciesImagenex IncAlso cheap and light weight, use with PC direct


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